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Deadline to Nominate: April 15

Call for Nominations

Board of Directors


Nominations have been accepted for the following positions:


  • Director (3 year term, 2018-2021) - 2 positions


Election will take place at the annual meeting on May 17, 2018. Election results will be announced following the meeting.

Thank you to those who submitted nominations.

Duties of Board of Directors of the Kentucky League for Nursing 



  • Attend meetings of the board approximately monthly August through May each year.

  • Attend and assist at the annual meeting/convention in May each year.

  • Assist in planning the annual convention.

  • Other duties as assigned.


In addition to duties as members of the Board of Directors as outlined above, officers also perform functions specific to each office.




  • Schedule meetings and set the meeting agenda.

  • Preside over meetings.

  • Coordinate KLN's activities with the National League for Nursing (NLN).

  • Ensure annual reports are submitted to the NLN.

  • Represent KLN to outside groups.

  • Submit articles for the newsletter biannually.




  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

  • Specific duties as assigned by the President.

  • Prepare to assume the office of President.




  • Record accurate minutes of the Board's meetings.

  • Distribute copies of the minutes to the Board members.




  • Control the funds of the organization.

  • Report to the Board on the status of the orgnaization's finances at each meeting.

  • Prepare information tax returns (postcard return) for the IRS annually.

  • Report payments to individuals via form 1099-MISC as necessary.



Other Opportunities 

KLN Representative to the Kentucky Association for Nursing Students (KANS)


 This position is appointed by the KLN Board of Directors to serve as a liason with KANS. 

KLN Committees


  • Executive Committee

  • Nominations Committee

  • Anual Conference Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Strategic Planning Committee


KLN Committees meet as requested by the Board of Directors. Members will receive notification of additional opportunities to serve as they arise - these include poster and presentation reviewers for the Annual Conference.

Other Opportunities 

KLN Representative to the Kentucky Association for Nursing Students (KANS)


We are seeking nominations for a member to serve as a liason with KANS. This position is appointed by the KLN Board of Directors.

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