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Message from KLN President, Dr. LuAnn Reed


November 14, 2022

Greeting KLN Members,


As we have passed the midpoint of most of our fall semesters, the cooler air and decreasing daylight have arrived to remind us that Autumn is here and winter is not too far behind. I hope everyone is taking extra care of their mental and physical needs. Being healthy and sound in body and mind helps sustain the goals we want to accomplish as individuals, as teams, and as a organization.


With the shorter days I have been reflecting on this last year. COVID is still around, and hospitals, nursing homes, and nursing schools are still in crisis, and as President I wonder have, we done everything we could have done to support our nurse educators. To answer this question, I looked at the NLN’s and KLN’s strategic goals for guidance. An organization’s strategic goals should guide the organization in everything they do. Do most people even know what our goals are? These are the strategic goals for KLN as well as how we are meeting them.

GOAL 1: Enhance the NLN’s national and international impact as the recognized leader in nursing education. 

1. Drive initiatives to build inclusive excellence in the nurse educator and the environments in which they work.

  • Provide monetary scholarships for service-learning projects.

  • Provide scholarships for CNE Credentialing.

  • Provide two PD offerings per year for nurse educator and student communities.

  • Recognize outstanding innovative nurse educators at the annual conference/meeting.

2. Advance excellence, innovation, and integrity in nursing education across all types of nursing programs for diverse learner population.

  • Provide two educational offerings per year for nurse educators and student com-munities.

  • Recruit nationally known experts in their fields for PD Offerings.

3. Promote the preparation of a diverse nurse workforce that contributes to health care quality and safety.


GOAL 2: Lead a diverse, sustainable, member-focused organization that engages, empowers, and is responsive to nurse educators across the career continuum.
1. Establish a prominent role in the education and professional development of its members by shifting to a highly personalized dynamic experience.

  • Survey the membership and attendees at annual conference and PD offerings

  • Continue to provide an online suggestion box that encourages written evaluations for all PD Offerings.

  • Maintain up to date, accurate information on current events on league website.

2. Strengthen the value of membership through an integrated offerings portfolio for nursing education and the community at large.

  • Offer innovative products and services tailored to the unique needs of learners, faculty, an administrators.

  • Explore and initiate opportunities for professional development using the league website.


GOAL 3: Be the voice of nurse educators and champion their interests and partnerships in political, academic, and professional arenas.
1. Expand opportunities for the professional advancement of nurse educators.

  • Assign Board Members to maintain contact with other professional organizations, attend meeting and political events, and report back to the board at monthly meetings.

2. Advocate for equity and recognition in the advanced practice role of nurse educators.

  • Assign one KLN Board of Directors members to attend the Education Committee meeting and one member to attend the Nursing Practice Committee meeting of the Kentucky Board of Nursing.

3. Cultivate, expand, and sustain alliances with interprofessional and influential organizations.

  • Assign Board Members to maintain contact with one other professional organization and report monthly to the Board.


GOAL 4: Promote research that generates evidence about nursing education and the scholarship of teaching.
1. Promote the continuous development of faculty as educator-scholars.

  • Increase submission of podium and poster presentations by 15%.

  • Explore offering and incentive for conference presenters.

  • Include student presentations in the call for abstracts.

2. Advocate for and channel resources to support nursing education research.
3. Assist with the transformation of nursing education through the development, design, and advancement of re-search initiatives.


The spring and fall conferences meet some of the goals. We started Coffee chats quarterly. We surveyed members at the Fall CE offering on the following:

  1. What do you see as the most important concern of nursing in Kentucky?

  2. How do you envision the Kentucky League for Nursing having an impact on that issue?

  3. In what ways could the Kentucky League for Nursing serve its members better?

More to come on the results of the survey.


We offer scholarships that very few educators or students apply for. We find it difficult to find members to present podium or poster presentations.


Though I want to say more, I have written too much already. But if you have additional thoughts or ideas, please let me know. My email address is


Dr. LuAnn Reed


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