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Message from KLN President,

Dr. Neena Jones


January 7, 2024

Greetings to all. As we embark upon the commencement of a new year, I trust that your current situation is positive, and that you are energized to confront the prospects and challenges inherent in nursing and nursing education. The year 2024 is poised to be a period of transition for the NLN.

As you may be aware from recent communications, the Constituent League Leadership Committee, in collaboration with NLN staff, has submitted a proposal to the NLN Board of Governors. The proposal advocates for the restructuring of the obligatory affiliation guidelines, transforming the existing framework into an alliance format. This strategic shift aims to ease the compliance burdens associated with the current structure.

This proposal offers an opportunity for league representatives to have greater decision-making control in meeting the unique needs of their local constituents. Simultaneously, it presents an occasion for colleagues to redesign their organizations, ensuring they effectively cater to the regional requirements of nurse educators. The NLN Board of Governors has endorsed this recommendation, approving the motion in September 2023.

To gather insights and perspectives from state leagues, Dr. Malone and NLN staff engaged with league representatives in August through Zoom and in-person meetings during the 2023 NLN Education Summit. Furthermore, in November, five small groups, each consisting of 3-5 state leagues, convened to ensure comprehensive representation and input from all leagues. Dr. Malone chaired each group, with the NLN Chair and NLN Board Liaison to the Leagues present at different times. These discussions generated thoughtful questions and comments, which will be shared with the upcoming Alliance Committee.

The next phase involves the establishment of the Alliance Committee, comprising 8-10 members from state leagues and NLN staff. The selection process will ensure representation from leagues of varying sizes and leadership types, whether volunteer or paid. Final selections are anticipated to be completed in December 2023, with the committee's inaugural meeting scheduled for January or February 2024.

Your KLN Board of Directors will continue to monitor communications from NLN and report to the constituency regarding any changes to our state league. As for now, it is business as usual. Our logo, our mission statement, and our affiliation are unchanged. Thank you for your membership and support of KLN, and for all that you do for nursing and nursing education.


Neena W. Jones, KLN President

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