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Call for Proposals  

KLN members are invited to submit:


  • Proposals to share one practice your program implemented during the pandemic you feel helped your faculty and students survive and stay on course. Best practice sessions are 20-25 minutes in length - you can creatively showcase your nursing program/faculty and celebrate success!

  • Proposals for podium presentations about topics of interest to nurse educators that relate to the conference theme. Podium sessions are 60 minutes in length and will run concurrently with other sessions.


  • Proposals for poster presentations about topics of interest to nurse educators.


Student Poster Session 


  • Nursing students are invited to present scholarly work for a special student poster session. Students must have a faculty advisor who is a KLN member and will be present at the conference.


Suggested Proposal Topics:


  • Are you providing simulation experience for your students? Share your expertise with KLN members. This is an opportunity for you to disseminate your successes.


  • Have you implemented innovative ideas from previous KLN conferences? Develop a presentation to share your experiences with other educators.


  • We encourage presentations on other topics as well - current research projects, active learning strategies for the classroom, or any other work you’ve been doing with students!

Mark your calendars and get to work on presentations for KLN’s best annual meeting yet!